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My Story

I have been an advocate and supporter of entrepreneurship and business in Saskatchewan for decades. Born and raised in Saskatchewan, my work and personal life have provided me with a unique set of skills, experience and knowledge. I spent my early years living on the family farm and then later in the Saskatchewan communities of Rose Valley, Prince Albert, St. Louis & Saskatoon. I have also lived in various  communities in the US including multiple towns on Long Island (New York), Greenwich (Connecticut) and St. Louis (Missouri). I graduated from the U of S, Edwards School of Business with a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance, with Distinction).

I have been a part of a broad spectrum of business activity including personal business investments and projects, First Nation economic development and a large global corporation. My entrepreneurial ventures include industries ranging from commercial & residential land development, franchise restaurants,  and most recently my business consultancy. I have extensive business experience working with First Nation communities in the areas of community economic development, business development, employment & training, strategic initiatives and communications. I was part of the corporate affairs team for a global mining company developing a multi-billion dollar project in Saskatchewan where I was responsible for supporting government relations activities, both provincially and federally.

I am committed to making a positive difference in my community, province and nation.  

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